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ThermaSiC’s wear-, corrosion- and temperature resistance makes it desirable in a wide range of applications, and we’re adding more every week. Some we would like to highlight are:

Metallurgical – aluminum production

Seram is working with leading companies in the US, Europe and Japan to reduce wear and galling during aluminum production, extending equipment lifetime and improving product quality. In testing, ThermaSiC showed no signs of corrosion or wear after being submerged in molten aluminum for several weeks, which is longer than current coatings. Any aluminum on the surface after extraction was easily removed.

Glass – handling of molten glass

Seram is working with several market leading companies in Europe in the field of glass manufacturing. ThermaSiC reduced wear rates and increased lifetime of parts in contact with molten glass during glass production. In a study compared with several other coatings, ThermaSiC was the one showing lowest wear rate and best non-stick performance during glass solidification.

Print and paper rollers

A printer roller coated with ThermaSiC showed no change in friction coefficient or diameter in a standardized test – which are common in tungsten carbide coated rolls. Seram Coatings is working with companies in Europe and Japan in bringing this technology to market.

In addition, ThermaSiC’s light weight and strengths makes it interesting for space applications:

Seram Coatings has partnered with ESA – The European Space Agency – for advanced surface coatings for future Martian expeditions.
Our ThermaSiC silicon carbide coating will be supplied towards this contract, which will last for a total of 18 months.

We are currently in work package 1 of this contract, and are exploring thermally spraying on aluminum and titanium surfaces.

We want to thank the Norwegian Space Agency – Norsk Romsenter –  for their advisory role and support in identifying potential space applications for ThermaSiC.

You can read more about the Norwegian Space Agency here:

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