Seram Coatings will present at A3TS – Thermal Spraying Days

On the 6th and 7th of December, Seram Coatings Founder
Professor Nuria Espallargas from NTNU will present at
A3TS – Thermal spraying days.

The conference will take place at the esteemed Palais Beaumont in Pau, France, and brings together people from academia, industry and all parts of thermal spraying society for sharing new developments, networking and friendly exchange of knowledge.

The presentation is titled “The tribological performance in a water-based lubricant of SiC-YAG composite HVOF coatings“, with an excerpt of the abstract below:

A3TS conference location - Palais Beaumont in Pau, France

“A new coating-seal solution in a water-based lubricant for the oil-to-sea interfaces has been tested. This new solution consists of optimized surfaces (SiC-YAG coatings) in contact with polymeric seals.

Six different seal materials and four different surfaces have been tested for frictional and wear performance in a water-based lubricant formulated for a thruster application. The sealing materials were two rubbers, polyurethane, UHMWPE, polyketone and a thermoset composite. The counter surfaces were: hardened steel as the reference, WC-CoCr coating, Cr3C2-NiCr coating and SiC-YAG composite coating (ThermaSiC).”

ThermaSiC showed the lowest friction values.”
“For harder seals, the friction was lower and ThermaSiC showed values close to superlubricity.
The main mechanisms behind these differences are
discussed in this work.”

We look forward to hearing her presentation and others in the thermal spraying community on the 6th and 7th of December, and look forward to seeing you there.
You can reach out to us in advance to arrange a meeting at 

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created to disseminate and promote advanced technological knowledge in the fields of materials processing,
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Keywords: water-based lubricants, ThermaSiC, thermal spray coatings.